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B&W  黒、白

Back and White Photography has always been something which I Loved and is one of my favorite type of Photography.



Birgu ビルグ

Birgu< /b> or as it is also Known as Città Vittoriosa is another fortified city on the south side of the Grand Harbor in The South Eastern Region of Malta. It sits behind Fort Saint Angelo and the city of Cospicua at its base. Because of it's position Birgu< /b> is an ideal place for anchoring ships because of this Birgu< /b> has developed a very long history with maritime, mercantile and military activity. Birgu< /b> is a very old locality with its origins going back to Medieval times. Before the establishment of the city of Valetta as the new capital and main city of the Maltese Islands, military powers that wanted to rule the Maltese islands would need to first obtain control of Birgu< /b> because of it strategic position in the Grand Harbor. Infect Birgu< /b> served as the base of the Order of Saint Jon and the “de facto” city of Malta from the year 1530 to 1571. Birgu< /b> is also known for its vital role in the Great Siege of Malta.

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Fireworks  花火

Fireworks are very common in the Maltese islands especially in the months of summer where they are used in every parish feast. Fireworks is something that I enjoyed watching since I can remember I amazed by the explosion of shapes and color that they bring out. I try to capture this moments to the best I can

Mdina イムディーナ

Mdina was the capital city of Malta from antiquity to the medieval period it is also know by its titles Città Vecchia or Città Notabile. it is a fortified city which is located in Northern Region of Malta. It has a small population of just around 300 people. It was founded in 700 B.C. by the name of Meleth by Phoenician setters. It was then renamed Melita the Romans. In Roman times it was bigger than it's present size it was reduced to this side during the occupation of the Byzantine or Arab in Malta.

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